Working at Ipsen Singapore

Working at Ipsen Singapore

Ipsen Singapore is a fast-growing company cultivating a biotech and consumer healthcare mindset. At Ipsen we drive transformation through leadership, people and culture.

Our vision is to harness the power of our employees to have a responsible and sustainable impact on patients, society and the environment. We care for and develop our employees and encourage diversity and inclusion in an open and respectful culture.

Working at Ipsen Singapore means being part of a multicultural, innovative and agile environment. Each employee strives to achieve their personal goals and at same time to grow together as a team, for the ultimate benefit of our patients, all around Asia. Aiming to change the lives of millions of people is what makes our work together extremely challenging, incredibly rewarding and absolutely vital.

Work environment

Our values

Below are the values and principles we hold dear. They are a blueprint for our actions as a company, and to each other.
Every day, we aim to live these values.

Our default setting is to trust and respect each other and all our stakeholders. To empower others, to enable feedback, to foster a speak-up culture, to embrace cross-team collaboration, and to be open and inclusive.

Every day is an opportunity to grow, to be proactive in learning – from each other and through experience. To listen and be open to the views and needs of all external stakeholders, and to seek transformation through innovation.

We will be accountable and responsible for our actions. We will set clear and fair expectations, and be results- and value-driven, not task-oriented. We will seek continuous improvement and take responsibility for our actions.

We care for our employees, patients, society and the environment, and we act according to our principles. We never compromise on quality. We ensure that we make ethical and moral decisions, and we stand by them.

We must all be entrepreneurial. Fast and agile in turning our ideas into action. Enabling of talent, with an inclusive attitude to diversity. Demanding of ourselves and each other as we strive for success. When we achieve success, we celebrate it together.


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