Donation Requests

What types of donations do we fund?

Monetary Support or In-kind Donations:

Ipsen may provide a donation to a specific initiative or project. These may only be provided to not-for-profit organizations and registered charities involved in conducting activities such as charitable, community, educational, humanitarian, health and philanthropic efforts. Ipsen does not control nor influence the initiatives supported by these donations.

Types of Contributions

What do you need to submit a donation request?

To be considered, you must complete an Ipsen Grants and Donations intake form, which you may obtain by contacting us at This ensures that Ipsen has all the required documentation and information needed for review. Along with completion of this form, you must also provide the following:

 Letter of Request – must include:

  • A description of your organization, charitable mission and why it is important
  • The relationship, if any, of your organization to Ipsen
  • The date(s) of the program or event (if applicable)
  • The total budget and the donation amount and percentage being requested from Ipsen
  • The projected number of attendees (if applicable)
  • The program location, including the venue, city, and province
  • The payee and address
  • In the case of requests for product (in-kind support), the requested quantity of drug and the way the drug will be used in the program
  • A description of any prior donations made by Ipsen to the organization and how they were used
  • The number of donors, other than Ipsen, that are being approached to support the request

Agenda or brochure – including a detailed description of the event or a synopsis of materials to be created

Budget – a detailed budget for the total event/project, including (a) the total amount of funds requested from Ipsen ; (b) a breakdown of expenses and, if applicable, projected number of attendees; (c) the percentage of funding requested from Ipsen, to the total funding for the activity; and (d) the number of donors that are being approached to support the event. Preference will be given to those events funded by more than one donor.

Other Documentation Requirements

  • Document containing the legal status of the institution (e.g. copy of the business registration form, Excerpt from Commercial Registry, statute of the organization, Deed of Foundation, charity registration documentation)
  • Any other relevant documents to support your donation request

What You Need

Submit a Donation Request

To submit a request, send the completed Grants and Donations Intake Form and required documentation to

Begin the Process

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